Enrico Gnaulati, PhD

Enrico Gnaulati PhD


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"In this remarkable and highly readable book, Dr. Enrico Gnaulati, an eminent author and seasoned clinical psychologist, provides a compelling and spirited argument for the value of psychotherapy for individuals and for society. Drawing upon a wide range of research, he also does the public and mental health professions a great service by questioning the often extravagant claims made for the effectiveness and safety of psychiatric medication, and the overstated benefits of quick-fix therapies."
-Steen Halling, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Seattle University

"Back to Normal is outstanding. Careful, measured, wise, compassionate, and powerful. Finally, someone is suggesting that lots of awkward, angry, tuned out, defiant kids are not suffering from mental illness but rather, are coming to terms with the human condition. And they shouldn't be medicated for it."
-Peg Tyre, author of New York Times best seller, The Trouble with Boys

"I found Dr. Gnaulati's work exciting, highly credible, well-documented, and hopeful. I encourage all psychotherapists to familiarize themselves with his groundbreaking work."
-James Grotsein M.D., Professor of Psychiatry at the Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA.

Peacemaking with Preschoolers


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